Dr. Ted Anders – Policy Advisor for Social Justice, Universal Economic Security, and Environmental Restoration

Business and Government Leadership Development Specialist


Our Motto:  One People, One Planet, One Purpose … the creation of abundant societies everywhere that work well for everyone … on a planet environmentally restored. 

Our Intention:  To facilitate the creation of public and private programs & systems leading to a world of nations which sustain everyone, all life, and our precious planet. 

Our Method:  We offer breakthrough solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems … and train the leaders of all political parties, religions, and substantial corporations to make decisions and act in alignment with our purpose and intention.

10 Suggestions and Breakthrough Ideas for Adoption by US 2022/2024 Presidential Candidates

        1. Heal, inspire, and guide a renewed, vibrant, functional American Republic… by shaping the nation into one with systems and services that work for everyone…not the few… on a continent and a planet environmentally restored for our children.
        2. Cut the national debt in half in less than 8 yearsthereby freeing American citizens from generations of tax slaverywhile funding what really matters for American citizens’ quality of life. Current national debt holders will be able to voluntarily exchange all or a percentage of their treasury debt notes for ownership stock certificates in new US and US-North American Regional infrastructure corporations which will have multi-trillion dollar combined valuations. The new corporations will: refresh and stabilize the national and regional damaged environment by providing clean air, water and energy resources; install upgraded and new transport and energy infrastructure; provide clean, organic/all natural food supplies at attractive, affordable prices for everyone.

    These goals will be achieved with the capital raised through voluntary exchange of trillions of dollars in Treasury debt notes for shareholder credits in a vast network of profitable, US-government-backed, national and regional infrastructure corporations. These corporations will generate tens of trillions of dollars in user fee revenue to pay profits to shareholders over the next 100 years. Shareholders will be 51% US Government (on behalf of all citizens) and 49% existing treasury debt- holders and other new corporate and individual investors. The 51% revenue share to the US Treasury will be allocated to pay down additional treasury debt, stabilize Social Security funding, help fund Medicare for All, and reduce the level of annual corporate and personal income tax.

        1. Sustain and Increase Defense Spending Following a Comprehensive Re-definition of “Defense” with a new DOD Division entitled, The DOD-P: Department of Defense and Prosperity … to defend American citizens against: domestic corporate and individual damage to the environment; toxic/degrading environments; widespread ignorance; lack of psychiatric health care services and treatment facilities/modalities; and violent, deadly use of assault weapons …….all while maintaining the world’s most effective traditional and innovative military forces.
  1. Specifically, the primary domestic enemies to the sustainable safety and security of the American citizen are: 1) a toxic and deteriorating environment; 2) widespread ignorance (involving outdated public education methods and facilities and inadequate parental/family engagement in school participation), as well as misunderstandings of the greater world around us); 3) hopelessness… leading to opioids and other mis-used, pain-reducing drugs; 4) lack of psychiatric/ mental health intervention services ;and 5) lack of economic and social viability for millions of citizens due to the majority of US high school graduates attaining only marginal KSAs (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) required to participate in the 21st century domestic and/or integrated, global economy. These factors put our nation at risk.

  2. Issues 2, 3, 4, and 5 above, along with other issues, are root causes for assault weapons being used by disaffected, imbalanced, disenfranchised members of our society to hurt and kill fellow citizens. So, while we deal with these causes over the next 20 years or so, we need to place controls on the existence of, and access to, assault weapons; as well as placing less restrictive, but useful limits, on standard rifles, shotguns, and handguns.   In order to gain the cooperation of arms manufacturers, we need to give them special economic incentives to manufacture alternative products which deliver the same or higher profit margins…for a long period of time.

    Specifically, as a society, at the same time we initiate a ban on assault weapons, we have to make it more attractive to NOT PRODUCE AND SELL certain types of guns than it is to produce and sell them. In this regard, a partial solution based on the old biblical adage to “turn our swords into plough shares and spears into pruning hooks” and “know war no more” is in order. In short, we can give special priority to assault weapon manufacturers on federal and state contracts. In other words, as they stop producing and selling such arms, they receive special federal re-tooling grants and major contracts to provide machine parts and total machine systems to be used in the new national infrastructure initiatives outlined in Point 2, above. For example, imagine how many new machined parts and systems will be needed to create coastal desalination plants to provide fresh water to the nation. Not to mention the manufactured supplies needed for new bridges and tunnels, sewage processing plants, sea walls, underwater power turbines, high speed trains, inter-planetary space vehicles and on and on… So, at the same time we place bans and controls on assault rifles, we subsidize and incentivize manufacturers to convert to alternative “weapons” of peace and prosperity in the new definition of “defense against domestic enemies.”.

    See Topic 3 in Section 2, below for further commentary on Defense.

        1. Value and Support Public Education by improving its methods, facilities, and two-way community engagement. The Dept of Education will collaborate with the DOD-P to fight a domestic War on Ignorance…to produce a world-class workforce employing the proven methods of the US military to apply educational best practices which instill job-specific knowledge, skills and abilities rapidly. The goal will be to graduate highly functional young adults who can immediately begin to add value to society and sustain themselves economically.

    The cooperative DOD-P/D of Ed will facilitate nationwide early childhood education for all children ages 2.5 and older. The method will be Montessori, or a hybrid with other proven methods. The departments will strive to ensure that the United Nation’s Universal Rights of Children are upheld in all federally funded schools. In middle school and high school, Practical Education and Technical Tracks (PETT) will be offered in public schools as equal alternatives to traditional college prep. Indeed there will be instructional/curricular overlap across tracks to meet the learning style needs of each student.

        1. Restore Our Environment:   The DOD-P, Army Corps of Engineers, EPA, Department of Interior, Department of Energy, and private corporate resources will work together to: heal our damaged, toxic environment; mitigate the immediate and imminent, negative impacts of climate change; and restore our nation’s and region’s ecosystems (while planning for the realities of ongoing and long-term climate change).

    I will form an additional “Joint Chiefs of Staff for Environmental Security”(JCS-E) , which will also include representatives of the current military Joints Chiefs (JCS-D) so that DOD resources can best be leveraged to assist civilian efforts.   The JCS-E will be responsible for the coordination and implementation of all national efforts to mitigate, reverse, and /or manage the effects of climate change.

        1. Steadily reduce, and then flatten, Individual and Family Income Taxes to not more than 15% of annual income by 2040 through transforming, leveraging, and reducing the national debt in substantial, enduring ways such as described in Point 2, above.

    In other words, this tax reduction goal will be achieved to the degree that national debt is transformed into for-profit infrastructure ownership credits.

        1. Implement “Medicare for ALL” (MA) citizens and privatize certain services of the VA (MA-VA)… to form an efficient, caring, cost-effective, excellent national healthcare service. MA-VA will serve all citizens and incorporate veterans for certain healthcare services; with the remainder provided by the VA.

    Within MA-VA:

    All children and young adolescents up to the age of 16 will receive free health care services …on a limited list of basic healthcare services deemed necessary to participate fully in public education. Handicapped children…and dependent adults…will continue to receive exceptional care in schools as required by federal law… and their families will pay a reduced fee for healthcare services according to the category and degree of the child’s…or dependent adult’s… handicap.

     Veterans will have a special priority service and payment status…similar to “early boarding” privileges on an airline with a seat purchased with airline points. In this case, the points used to determine reduced costs will be determined using a 3-part formula: 1) years of military service; 2) degree of health damage experienced during service; and 3) service in specified combat theatres. The numerical result of this formula will determine the % reduction of healthcare service cost in MA-VA paid by an individual or dependent family members. For the extensively and severely damaged veteran, it is anticipated that all services will be at no cost; with most services being provided by the VA.

    For long-term or perpetual low-income citizens and for “welfare- to- work” (WTW) citizens who are transitioning from under-employment, inadequate education, or rehabilitation, there will be a reduced payment schedule based on a common sense, numerical formula. The formula will take into account: measured efforts to graduate from WTW and/or Rehab status.   (Healthcare services to the WTW and “Rehab” citizen will be overseen by DOD-P. In my view, a little military discipline –along with positive coaching and encouragement to excel to the extent of one’s capacity–will help ensure WTW and Rehab compliance).

        1. Immigration: Make Border Walls and Desperation Immigration Obsolete by stimulating expansion of Central American Economies and Domestic Security so the Dreamers can stay home. Or, those citizens  of Mexico, Central America, and  South America who have the employment skills required to build, maintain and/ or operate  our new infrastructure (or who can demonstrate the capacity to acquire such skills) will have the opportunity to come to United States on a long -term work visa basis. These special,  long-term visas will provide  clarity regarding the package of legal rights and privileges afforded to these helpful guest workers.  The intention will be for them to live well while legally in the country … as they add great value to the nation. Following a specified number of years of service, these guests will be scheduled to return home with financial savings and the ability to add value to their home nations. It is also likely that a legal pathway to permanent residency or citizenship in the United States will be developed during the initial years of this guest worker program.

        2. Build Trust and Become Great Friends with Russia, China, India, the EU bloc, and other blocs created by members of the United Nations… to work together on behalf of all people and the planet on which all life relies for survival. No more ideological wars—pick the best parts of each bloc to share with one another. The very survival of human and animal species NOW depends on working collaboratively to achieve the best outcomes for all Life as we know it.

        3. Expand the Cultural Arts within a New American Civil Society… beginning with expanded funding for the Arts and the development of an “American Book of Common Ethics” to establish new, voluntary, civic norms for the next century. The Book of Common Ethics will be developed by an ecumenical White House council of leaders from all major religions, as well as leading psychiatrists, sociologists, legal scholars, educators, and scientists.   The simplest version of this book might be a secular “10 Commandments”… integrated with The UN Universal Rights of Children and a version of “The Universal Rights of Man.”

    ADDENDUM to Suggestions and Breakthrough Ideas:

    As you may have noted, I have not addressed abortion and same-sex marriage. My reasons for not highlighting them are:

        • At this juncture in the history of our republic, there are so many other essential issues upon which the elected officials of the U.S. must focus. These important issues will be decided by the public through congressional and court activity.

    My Summary Commentary on Abortion: IN ALL INSTANCES, I URGE BOTH THE MOTHER AND THE FATHER TO VOLUNTARILY FIND A WAY TO CHOOSE LIFE! It is not the role of government to fund abortion or to place legal controls on it.   I don’t believe the federal or state governments should determine what happens inside a woman’s body—which is the sacred temple for her own life and that of her unborn child. Therefore, the abortion decision is a sacred moral/religious choice between God, the pregnant woman, and the father. Thus, the issue is governed by the principles guiding the separation of Church and State. And yet, you will always hear me say to a woman or couple facing the decision to abort a child, PLEASE FIND A WAY TO CHOOSE LIFE!   And I will support publicly funded initiatives to support healthy children and families.

    Regarding Same Sex Marriage: Love is God and God is Love…so wherever we find love we find a sacred situation.   It is not the role of government to interfere in the area of sacred beliefs…therefore it should not restrict how love is manifested in marital relationships. That said, I think there is a social stability reason to have a special way to honor and protect heterosexual marriages which produce children. This essential, core procreational function is the obvious pillar of species survival and must be promoted, protected, safeguarded and honored. Indeed, the more we can do to support “procreational heterosexual” family units with the knowledge, skills and resources to raise healthy, fully functioning, stable children and adolescents, the better off our society will be. Of course, when same sex partners raise children, they should receive the same support to gain knowledge, skills and resources for the greatest good for all children.

    Section II: Additional Details and Potential “Talking Points” for Reasons 1-10 Above

        1. We hold these truths to be self evident.

        1. National Debt Talking Points : Transform a large percentage of the National Debt into Creditors’ Partial Ownership of US-backed, leading-edge National Infrastructure for-profit corporations… for transport, water, energy, and food creation/distribution… which will serve us for the rest of this century and the next.   The corporations will be 51% owned by the US government with its share of the profits for the next 150 years going to the US Treasury. 49% of the profits will go to the creditors who have parlayed their US Treasury debt notes into infrastructure corporate securities on a 2 for 1 exchange:   1 debt credit and 1 new cash investment credit in exchange for 2 corporate shareholding credits.   Then, these private partner-owners can enjoy 49% of the user- fee revenue for the next 150 years. The US governments’ share can go to continue paying off the remainder of the debt according to existing terms…and potentially help offset the need for new taxes.

    Campaign Macro “Talking Point”:   US Creditors will have the opportunity to re-assign their credits into shareholding positions in much more profitable securities and for a longer term. How?   The national debt will be voluntarily transferred to US- Government-backed, infrastructure development and management corporations…51% -49% US government/private shareholder mix.

        1. Defense Talking Points: The DOD-P (and much of the DOD) will function in a dual purpose capacity whereby each member of the DOD has dual training and functions; one military, one civilian. (This is how the Israeli society has been able to stabilize and protect itself in the harshest of threat environments over the past 60 years.)   The dual-purpose DOD will serve to defend us from all traditional military threats, as well as against ignorance/marginal engagement in public education (e.g. avg. 20-25% high school drop out rate across the country), poverty, toxins, and domestic threats …all in coordination with the FBI, HS, HHS, CIA , NSA and SEC.

    Specifically, the primary enemies to the sustainable safety and security of the American citizen are: a toxic and deteriorating environment; widespread ignorance (involving outdated public education methods and facilities and thorough parental/family engagement in school participation), as well as misunderstandings of the greater world around us); hopelessness leading to opioids and other mis-used, pain-reducing drugs; lack of economic competitiveness due to limited capital flow into start-up and mid-level creative entrepreneurial ventures throughout the nation; lack of living wage jobs; a completely outdated national transportation, waste management, clean air/water, and clean energy infrastructure;

    I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States to defend us against all enemies foreign and domestic. To do so requires a new, refreshing but realistic, 21st century interpretation of “enemies” in order to leverage our massive military institutions and resources to provide traditional defense while also leading the way in defending us against ignorance (i.e. ineffective educational and family-parent accountability systems), toxic environments, and hopelessness (lack of purposeful connection to community and to regularly serving the needs of others before oneself), and hatred or fear of others who seem very different.

    To serve dual purpose military and civilian functions, the budget and size of the Department of Defense will actually be increased to achieve these goals. For example, the US Department of Education budget will be subsumed within the DOD; as will the EPA and the budget and function of rehabilitative medical and psychiatric service responsibilities of HHS. Why? Because the DOD, in coordination with the General Services Administration, and US Office of Personnel Management actually has the experience, ability, and capacity to implement or contract: for superior education; plan and implement civil engineering/HAZMAT mitigation; and enforce family-rehabilitation efforts more reliably, measurably, and effectively than other federal or private institutions.

    The results will be a better educated, stable, expanding middle class, a minimalized lower economic class—who will be working at living wage DOD-P contract jobs with retirement benefits, as well as an expanding upper income class. Eventually the tax dollars of each segment will be spent more on our domestic defense needs…such as safe environments, education and rehabilitative health care… rather than fighting wars. After all, it is much less expensive to resolve wars as a stable, calm, informed population …acting with care and concern…using wise, patient diplomacy…while carrying a very big stick if it is needed.

    We citizens must own the fact that we have passively allowed our US military and political power to often be misused by special interests over the past 100 years to sustain fear-based, separation-inducing regimes and economies which have ravaged the well-being of their own citizens. For example, one of the primary reasons several Central American countries are economic and political disasters is because the natural will of the people for democracies and economic opportunity was suppressed by post-WWII, US-controlled, militaristic regimes. These regimes ensured that “the few” retained wealth and control over the rest of the population.

    Suppressed, impoverished, angry, at-risk citizens of other countries have become what we now call our “Dreamers.”   If we hadn’t allowed our former administrations to help suppress them in their home countries–seemingly justified by US special interest groups using anti-communist or anti-socialist fervor– they could stay home in their beautiful countries and realize their dreams safely and joyfully there!   Instead many nations have taken defensive or offensive positions against the US. However, this is reversible with a decade or so of fair play, wealth continuation for those currently in power (so they will go along with the changes) while providing new expanded, re-directed US AID and investment/finance resources into the hands of competent, NGOs and re-purposed national ministries and departments who will assist with the improvement of education, widely available “micro” and “midi” financial support for entrepreneurs and farmers.   Put the educational and entrepreneurship support systems in place to:   Increase and spread wealth, health, and quality of life throughout all layers and segments of the United States socio-economic structure…

        1. Education Talking Points: This goal involves selection and installation of research-based and common sense “best practices” in instruction, administration, and engaging/inspiring facilities. The intention is create learning environments which students and teachers are thrilled to attend and be involved in; not counting the days until a break or summer vacation. Enthusiastic, well managed learners, who feel valued and respected, naturally achieve challenging, national education goals. Parental /Guardian involvement — for not less than 10 hours a year– in on- campus support of student learning & campus operations will be required for a school system to qualify for federal funding.

        2. Environment Talking Points: The repair of our national and planetary ecosystems,  and mitigation /management of climate  change forces, is necessarily the pervasive issue of our era. The awareness of this goal and responsibilities must be woven into the fabric of all federal state and local action plans and budgets.  To diminish or ignore the severity of the Impact of climate change on the quality of, indeed the very survival of, life on earth as we know it, will lead  to the most regrettable outcomes.

        3. Taxes Talking Points: Transform and leverage the national debt from a deadly burden on sustainable socio-economic improvement for Americans… to an opportunity for Treasury creditors to own 49% interests in a vast new, network of US-government guided (i.e. 51% federally owned-controlled), for–profit, American and regional infrastructure. User fees inuring to the national treasury for its 51% revenue ownership will allow gradual reduction of income taxes across the board… and lead to much lower, flattened, individual and family income taxes by 2040.

        4. Healthcare Talking Points: Healthcare will be redefined as healthy bodies, minds, and souls, healthy food, air, and water supply, and healthy infrastructure delivery systems for water, food and air (i.e. no more “Flint, Michigans”).

    The reduction in individual and family income tax between now and 2040 will be replaced partially with human health, environmental stability, and clean air/water/energy infrastructure “user fee taxes.”   As a result, our taxes will be benefiting the American citizen…and largely on a usage basis. All citizens will pay an annual basic health systems user fee (whether they use the services or not—because this is what a civil society must do to have, maintain and operate adequate facilities). Over and above the basic user fee, those who use more services or resources will pay more. For profit corporations and US govt./private industry “hybrids” will operate the systems.

        1. Immigration Talking Points: The US-Mexico-Border and US-Canada facilities become the gateway of invitation, qualification review, and hiring stations for legal-temporary workers…workers who fill needed positions to build our new national infrastructure as presented in Goals # 2, 3 and 5. The vast new infrastructure projects will take more workers than we currently have in the US. They will earn enough to live here while working—and enough to save to send home to alleviate poverty in their families and neighborhoods at home…or to save in their home country banking institutions for wealth building.

    Coordinate with Mexico and the United Nations a short-term military police intervention in any Central American country which invites in our international, anti-corruption/anti-violence brigade—while also bringing in immediate and long term anti-poverty, micro finance and macro-finance low interest, anti-poverty loans… and even western variations on Islamic–style banking characterized by “co-investments” with zero interest; rather than creating crippling indebtedness.

        1. Foreign Policy Talking Points: Some Mid-East Specifics:   Encourage the formation of the Federation of Semitic States (FSS) with Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel, as well as the host capital city for the Federation Institutions. Additionally, a small, yet meaningful, symbolic segment of East Jerusalem and The Old City… under the joint military control of the UN, Israel and Palestine –all wearing special UN-Palestine uniforms and reporting to a UN commander… will be designated as the Inspirational Capital of Palestine (ICP). The ICP will have a Palestine Welcome Center, the HQ of a Palestine National University, a National Cultural Arts Pavilion and Performing Arts Center, and a Religious History Museum (highlighting and educating tourists and future generations about the fascinating history of Judaism, Christianity and Islam in Jerusalem).

    Perhaps most significantly, The Palestine Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ie The Palestine State Department), with all rights and privileges of diplomatic immunity, will be located in the ICP district in Jerusalem.   All the remaining physical infrastructure and operations center of the Palestinian National Capital and government remain in Ramallah.   Thus, Jerusalem becomes a multi-purpose city: it remains the undivided capital of Israel, while becoming the “de facto” cultural, spiritual, and federal capital city of all Semitic member states (imagine a UN-like, FSS HQ building in Jerusalem); while also hosting the Inspirational Capital of Palestine (ICP) in a specified “ICP diplomatic and education district” of East Jerusalem and The Old City.

    A practical first step could be requesting that the Vatican loan its facilities adjacent to Herod’s Gate for the temporary office facility of the Inspirational Capital of Palestine…while other new construction and re-purposing of existing structures in the ICP district are planned and completed.

    Other Foreign Affairs Talking Points:   Honor …by being willing to adopt and apply …some of the “best” socio-economic solutions which each geo-political/philosophical bloc has to offer the entire human population and the planet herself. In this case, “best” solutions are those that an independent council of experts would describe as “most likely to help achieve a world that works for everyone on a restored planet.

    Support the establishment of formal spheres of influence and alignment by “smaller nations” with either the US/CANADA/MEXICO /CENTRAL AMERICA Bloc, The EU/Northern Africa bloc, The Russia former Soviet Union bloc, and the Indo- China/SE Asia bloc… by choosing their formal “sponsor” nation or bloc; thus spreading out the responsibility for global well-being, environmental maintenance and reclamation, and security.     These spheres of influence do not limit engagement by members of other blocks from trading according to international treaties, etc…

    The purposes of the Spheres are: 1) to have the larger economies/military blocs help “lift up” the economies and standard of living for their aligned voluntary partners, 2) coordinate and accomplish repair, mitigation, long term management of climate change–induced environmental damage, and 3) ensure civil society, constitutional rule of law, and safety/security against extremist threats.

        1. The Arts and Culture… Additional talking points to be added

    The primary purpose of the American Book of Common Ethics and the civil society initiative is to increase the size and stability of the “common ground” on which the diverse members of the United States population can live and thrive together.   The secondary purpose of the book is to provide our public schools with guidelines for civil behavior, character development, interpersonal relationship management, and management of public events.